Who we are?


Your premier consulting firm specializing in real estate projects in the vibrant neighborhoods of Wynwood Norte in Miami-Dade and Hollywood in Broward, Florida.

Our deep knowledge of Wynwood Norte and Hollywood, coupled with our expertise in real estate projects, zoning analysis, project optimization, administration, budget control, and investor reporting, makes us your ideal ally in achieving your real estate goals.

The community vision

Coming home

To protect the cultural identity, expand upon the network of local businesses, and recognize + respond to the needs of Wynwood Norte as a multi-generational community.

Building home

To create contex-sensitive development and compatible infill, diversify housing types + suggest resiliency and displacement mitigation strategies.

Going green

To enhance the existing assets of civic + open space throught access, maintenance and added amenities and propose new ways to incorporate more green amenities.

Geting around

To conect to and provide opportunity for Wynwood Norte to become a multi-modal meighborhood in connection to its surrounding and improve street infraestructure.